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People might have heard about a latest sex scandal involving Iris Robinson. It was shown that the old woman had an affair with a younger man, and even loans. She felt guilty about her behaviour she attempted suicide. There was a lot of media coverage of those events. That is understandable, as it’s unquestionably a train wreck of proportions, including lurid and sad information. It’s produced casualties, both political and personal. The high level of the interest appears to be greater compared to political sex scandals. It is almost a politician with a woman. Such transgressions occur so frequently that people have come to expect them.

While from the spotlight the philanderers do suffer in those cases, rather the fallout is not great. It’s no impact on their own popularity, and may enhance it! The gender roles are reversed. Which makes it extremely unusual, and therefore more compelling. The media and people for that matter are more interested by it and judgemental of an older woman. Women who engage in this behavior appear to be breaking a strong social taboo. That’s why so few do so and many of these who’ve feel deeply remorseful consequently.

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Nevertheless, the desire to violate the taboo is obviously prevalent. At the aftermath of the scandal a niche dating site for elderly females and younger men conducted a survey of two thousand women over the age of 40, quizzing them on their desires. 30 percent of them said they frequently dreamed of having a lot younger lover. Obviously the results can have been biased, thinking about the nature of the site. Even when the real proportion of women having such fantasies is just half that percentage, it is still substantial. It is common to find old women in viber trying to hack into the younger men’s viber account to look on their personality and interests. Taking into consideration the enormous changes now occurring in society, sex equality, and demographics, let alone the increasing acceptance of dating online it’ll be intriguing to see if it endures. Robert McGrath is an Australian who writes of sex and society. Aussies seeking romance and relationships should read this list of excellent dating online services.

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