Protect Your Whatsapp Account from Snoops

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WhatsApp is among the most famous messaging applications in today’s world with over 800 million active users utilizing the service across multiple platforms.

Here are hints and top tricks for WhatsApp on Android and iPhone out there. The Way to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages About Android. On iPhone, you might utilize iCloud to store your WhatsApp information. For more details on how to do this, check out Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chat Messages option. Photos On iPhone The Easy Way. Subscriber Identity Module Card for WhatsApp – Whatsapp will charge you $11.60 yearly, however this special Subscriber Identity Module card may connect to 400 mobile networks in 150 countries, letting you keep in contact with your teammates and family members on WhatsApp without restarting your mobile data.

WhatsApp Web Customer – The WhatsApp Web Client supports Windows Mobile Phone Android and BlackBerry 10 devices. You’ll find our tutorial for it here. Get Push Notifications When Downloads Come Online – on how this can be achieved details may be found here: When A Touch Stinks Online. How to Receive a Push Notification. WhatsApp Voice Calling – The attribute is fully operational on Android and iPhone smartphones. More importantly: How to Enable WhatsApp Voice. WhatsApp Desktop Client users might need to check out the jailbreak tweak so as to use this app, mentioned above. Download WhatsApp desktop client for Mac OS X from here.

Whatsapp Chat Interference

WhatsApp Desktop Notifications – Here’s a quick look at the plug-in, and how it is possible to put in it: How to Empower WhatsApp Web Customer Notifications on Your Desktop. iOS Quick Reply for WhatsApp – How to Empower Native iOS 8 Quick Reply for WhatsApp Messenger. Lock WhatsApp About Android – Looking to defend your WhatsApp conversations from buddies who like to snoop around with help from whatsapp hacker? A Google Android application Called, Messenger and Chat Lock will lock WhatsApp with a PIN code of your choice and may even do the same for your Facebook application as well. You can download the application from here.

WhatsApp Widget – Wish To add shortcuts for your WhatsApp contacts on your iOS Notification Centre? Shortcut for WhatsApp Plus will enable you to pin your favoured WhatsApp contacts to Notification Centre. For more information about this, check out: How to Add WhatsApp Quick Contact Shortcut Widget To iOS 8. Android users may simply tap and hold about a conversation, that will uncover an alternative reading Add conversation shortcut. Tap that option, and it’ll add a direct WhatsApp shortcut to your favoured contact on your home screen. Sync WhatsApp Profile Images to Phone Downloads – If you are using a Google Android device, there are so many applications on Google Play that may accomplish this task.

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