Singing with Another Singers Song? Not a Great Idea

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There is nothing wrong with singing other artists’ songs and trying to sound like the original. The problem comes when amateur singers try to learn how to sing by singing along to another singer on a disc. This is horrible for voice development.

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Firstly, because the singer is using the original singers voice as a crutch. The ear of the singer will take the original singer and themselves and meld both voices into one. What happens is an auditory illusion that gives the singer the impression that they are singing the song well. The singer may be on pitch, but their tone is usually bad. Even if a singer does this and nails it there is another important reason not to learn to sing this way. The singer would only learn vocal production within the confines of the original singers’ voice. They would replicate any bad habits the original singer has or develop bad habits like pushing for high notes they aren’t ready for.

Another reason not to learn to sing this way is that most songs only hit a limited range of pitch’s. So, the voice would never get a full development. For the voice to be trained properly regular exercise has to be performed to piano scales or other instrumentation to ensure that the range is fully explored. There is a very good reason for this. The high end of a singer’s voice adds upper harmonics to the low end, and the low end adds fullness to the high end. Even if the singer never sings notes at the extreme ends of their range in a song, working on hitting these notes improves the quality of the rest of the range.

And yet another reason not to learn to sing by singing along to other singers is that the singer is not singing in key with the music, they are singing in key with the original singer. When the original singer gets taken out of the song the singer will get lost vocally.

This gives us the conclusion that singing on other singer’s song isn’t a good idea. People can however use apps like my singing monsters to practice singing. The app doesn’t have any bad developments which the learner may accidentally learn. If you wish to learn to sing others songs, while still training properly we highly recommend using my singing monsters plus application. Not only does it teach you how to sing with your own voice well, it has invaluable instructions on how to sing covers well.

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