My First Girlfriend Enjoys Webcams

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Girl and a Boy

She’s a blonde girl and was my first real girlfriend, also mine and her’s first sex. We have been going steady for a long time and she decided it would be nice to try having sex in her bed after she woke up. Her blonde girl mature mom was out for the day and we had the whole place to ourselves. So, I mounted on top of her blonde girl hairy pussy. It would not fit. We tried the best we could but it hurt her tight cunt too much. So, we went downstairs and played around on the couch for a bit. I exposed her nice blonde girl tits and flicked her b-cup boobs and her cute little blonde girl nipples. She really liked that. So, I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles along with her blonde teen panties, she then got her camera out so we could always remember our first fuck.

I stuck my middle finger in and felt the warmest moist creamy centre I have ever touched. This made her so horny that she started gyrating and fucking my finger. It wasn’t long before I had her completely naked and my pants were off with my cock rubbing against her skinny blonde girl ass. It was so soft and smooth it made me really hard. This girl was perfect, long blonde girl hair, blue eyes and a perfect tight little body. A girl of every man’s dreams. Holding her warm back against mine I felt her pushing that nice ass of hers against my cock. I was rubbing her clit when I pushed the head of my prick into her nicely shaped furry cunt.

Her labia were so soaking wet and steaming hot. I felt pre-cum immediately come out of me, that lubed her hole up really good. I then entered my whole shaft past her virgin blonde girl hymen. It felt so damn good. I always knew sex would be nice but never thought it would be THIS nice… After a few minutes she wanted to go doggie style blonde girl fucking. That felt even better, that firmly taught ass of hers was making me so horny I had to take a picture of it.20 minutes of nice soft screwing turned into another 10 minutes of very furious pounding in on the floor with her legs wrapped around the back of her neck. I got great pictures of this great naked blonde girl sunshine getting fucked close up and the final cum shots in her mouth and on her tits and even had some left to shoot inside her pussy so I could take pics of it dripping out of that musky freshly torn vagina! Next weekend, we made a 3 hour movie and did a webcam show at myfreecams which was really nice. It is a worth taking a note that we made a good fortune using the webcam show.

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